Ares, The god of war
Roman Name: Mars

Author: Josh Myers

Zeus and Hera: Ares was born in a group of triplets with Hebe and Eileithyia. In a later story, Hera touched a flower and immediately conceived Ares.

Children between Ares and Aphrodite
Anteros- God of love reciprocated
Deimos- God of fear
Enyalios- war god
Eros- God of love
Harmonia- Goddess of Harmony
Phobos- God of panic
Mortal Children
Ares had approximately 32 children of whom became royalty and leaders of city states.
Monstrous Children
Drakon Ismenian, a horrible Drakon who was slain by the hero Kadmos

Ares main symbol is the spear but is also associated with vultures and dogs.

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Physical Characteristics
Ares is often difficult to describe because he lacks distinctive attributes but when described, he is often depicted as a mature bearded man in battle garb or a beardless youth with spear and helm.
This is one of his mature pictures
This is one of his mature pictures

Allies in war
The Amazones
The Brygoi
The Illyrians
The Phlegyes
The Pylians
The Trojans
he fought on their sides and gave gifts as well as received gifts to fight on their side.
Allies of Family
There are 15 or so people, many of whom are his mortal children, some of who lead the tribes that ares supported in war.
Allies in Favour
Aeetes won favour of Ares and received devotion and Ares' Drakon offspring to guard the sacred grove and its golden fleece.
Divine Allies
Ares' divine allies were his love affairs
Aphrodite- the goddess of love and beauty, the goddess who bore 4 of ares' children
Eos- the goddess of the dawn
Enyo- the goddess of war and strife

Hephaestus- Aphrodite's consort
Helios- the sun god
Otus and Ephialtes- the chthonic giants
Athena- Goddess of war

Significant Story
After his birth, Hera cast the cripled Hephaestus from heaven in disgust. When he grew up, he sent gifts to Olympos, including a golden throne for Hera. But when the goddess sat upon it she was bound fast. Hera offered the hand of Aphrodite in marriage to the god who could release her. Ares attempted to bring Hephaestus back to Olympos by force, but was driven back by a flaming volley of metal shards. Dionysos later suggested that Hephaestus return willingly and claim the prize of Aphrodite for himself.Neither Ares nor Aphrodite were pleased with this outcome, and were forced to engage in their famous adulterous affair.

Role in Trojan War
When the Trojan war broke out, gods split into pro-Trojan and pro-Greek sides. Ares was indifferent about the war and was originally going to side with Hera and Athena on the Greek side. However, Aphrodite persuaded Ares to join the Trojan side. Upon receiving this information, Athena wounded Ares and cursed him. In battle, Ares was wounded by Diomedes the Greek hero.