Demeter, goddess of grain, bread, and the seasons.
Demeter is the daughter of Kronos and Rhea. Kronos swallowed all of his children when they were born. However later Metis gave Kronos a drug that made him throw up the children that he swallowed.
Persephone, Despoina, Arion, Plutus, Philomelus, Eubuleus, Khrysothemis, Amphitheus I
Demeter is often depicted as a mature woman with wheat and a torch

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Demeter is usually displayed a slender white female with black hair


The only significant enemy Demeter has is Hades, because he kidnapped her daughter, and Poseidon because he raped her.


Demeter and Persephone: One day Persephone was out picking flowers, and the Earth cracked open behind her. Hades came riding out on a chariot, and grabbed Persephone then carried her with him back to the underworld. When Demeter lost Persephone, she began to wander the world searching for her. While doing this she neglected the Earth, and it became barren. As life on Earth began to diminish Zeus asked Persephone to make the world fertile again, and he would help her get Persephone back. Zeus sent Hermes to retrieve Persephone for Demeter, but Hades said Persephone could not leave the underworld if she had eaten any food there. Before Persephone left Hades fed her a few pomegranate seeds. Because of this Persephone had to return to Hades for four months out of every year. This is supposed to cause the winter because Demeter is sad while Persephone is gone from her, and the Spring is when Persephone returns.

Demeter and Poseidon: Poseidon was attracted to his sister Demeter. Demeter however didn't like Poseidon and tried avoiding him by turning into a horse. Poseidon also turned into a horse then he tracked down Demeter and raped her. Then the horse Arion was born.

Author: Isaac Smith-Walker