Author: Ethan Lyons
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Birth Story:
Poseidon is the son of Cronos and Rhea. In most stories, he is swallowed at birth by his father, Cronos, and is later saved by Zeus. In other stories, he is hidden among a flock of lamb by his mother, Rhea.

Poseidon has three children, Theseus, Triton, and Polyphemus. Theseus is a hero like Hercules, and shares has another father who is Aegeus. Triton is the messenger of the sea. Polyphemus is a huge one eyed Cyclopes.
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Poseidon is represented by a trident, fish, dolphin, or horse. The trident is always seen on his side, just like Zeus's lighting bolt. It is his weapon. It has three points and used to shatter rocks, bring or subdue storms, and start earthquakes. the fish and dolphin are symbols because they are his bride and joy, he must protect them in the sea. The horse is a symbol because he created them in a competition with Athena.

Known For:
Poseidon is most known for having a long flowing beard and hair and his trident. He was very handsome and embodied the sea.
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Allies and Enemies:
Poseidon's allies are:


The War of the Titanes where Poseidon fought along side of Zeus and Hades to imprison the gods.
The division of the cosmos amongst the sons of Kronos in which he received dominion over the sea
The sending of a sea monster to the trojans because they refused to pay him for building his walls.
His contest with Athena for dominion of Athens in which he produced the first horse. They would compete to have claim over the city that Cecrops owned.
The persecution of Odysseus for the blinding of his son the cyclops Polyphemus.
The burying of Polybotes under the island of Kos
Medusa: Before Medusa was turned into a monster, she was very beautiful. Medusa and Poseidon had an affair and decided to make love in Athena's temple. Athen was so offended that she turned Medusa into a monster with snakes for hair. Athena then helped Peruses kill Medusa. After cutting off Medusa's head, two offspring came out, Chrysaor and the flying horse Pegasus.

"Earth Shaker". He is the creator of earthquakes.

Trojan Role:
Poseidon sided with the Greeks. Zeus made Poseidon build walls for the Trojans and he did not receive his wages.The Greeks would sneak into the city one night and rape, kill, and enslave many of the citizens of Troy. This angered the gods. One their journey home, Poseidon would destroy more than 90% of their ships.